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Commissioner Cashion Frequently Ask Questions

  1. Candidate name:  Katie S. "KAY" Cashion
  2. Office you seek:  Guilford County Commissioner, District 6
  3. Occupation:  Business Owner - Cashion's Furniture & Decorating, for the past 36 years.
  4. Age:  71
  5. Address:  103 West Greenway Drive North, Greensboro, NC  27403
  6. Website/email address:  http://www.kaycashion.com  kay@kaycashion.com
  7. Party affiliation:  Democrat
  8. Previous elective experience:  Currently serving as Dist. 6 Commissioner.  No previous elected position.
  9. Other relevant experience (boards and commissions):  See homepage http://www.kaycashion.com
  10. Family:  divorced, 4 children, 7 grandchildren
  11. Why have you chosen to run for this office?  My 45+ years of hands-on volunteer community service have shown me the need for a community-understanding public representative.  I will be a good steward of our county's resources and devote the time & energy the job requires and the county needs and deserves.
  12. What distinguishes you most from your opponent?  Experience  - These two years as a commissioner have provided me an understanding of the county's operations, needs and challenges as I have served on a variety of Boards/Committees - local, state and national.  We can do better in Guilford County with our schools, longrange planning, safety and health issues, setting priorities, and we are working toward those goals.  Open-Minded - I'm not a one-issue candidate and have proven that I am a "Can-Do" person who doesn't dodge the hard decisions.  Serving has been an enjoyable experience.
  13. Key qualifications you would bring to the job:  Business perspective (as a business owner for 36 years).  Volunteer Community Service record (local civic, Chamber of Commerce, United Way, statewide activities NC. State Capitol).  Long history of Leadership in all areas of community service.  Dedicated to making Greensboro, Guilford County a great place to live.
  14. List your top three campaign issues and your stances on those issues (briefly please):  
    1. Quality Public Education-preparing students for global economy.
    2. Safe Environment (schools, community at large)
    3. Quality Jobs (to attract and keep the brightest and offer a higher standard of living)
  15. Where do you stand on economic incentives - particularly on large incentives packages to a relatively small number of big companies, and incentives for retail development?  Some incentives offer real investment in increasing our tax base.  Each request is evaluated on its own merits.  Would have to take a hard look at retail.
  16. What is the best option for financing a new jail in downtown Greensboro - a bond referendum, borrowing at a higher interest rate without seeking voter approval, or a temporary sales-tax increase?  Or should the county be looking at other options, such as a temporary facility, to relieve current jail overcrowding?  I would prefer a bond referendum with public approval but may not be expedient.  Jails continue to be overcrowded even with moving some to Farm and to jails in other counties.
  17. Does Guilford County need a long-term drug-treatment facility?  If so, what are the county's options - where should it be, and how should it be paid for?  What role, if any, should ADS play in operating such a facility?  Yes, we need a long-term drug treatment facility.  Estimates are approximately 80% of inmates have drug related issues and many could be helped with Federal, State and other funding sources should be sought.
  18. How can commissioners work more effectively with the school board to meet school needs as the county's student population grows?  Continue discussions of the issues; consider formula funding, make our schools a higher priority.
  19. If the board were making a decision on pay raises today as it did last summer, what would you do differently?  Given the same circumstances, the vote on the total budget would be the same.  Each area of the budget deserved more discussion.
  20. Where do you stand on the concept of regional cooperation?  What role, if any, should County Commissioners play?  What types of issues, if any, call for regional solutions?  What about land-use issues - for example, securing site-ready land for commercial/business development, as advocated by the heart of the Triad and the Greensboro Partnership?  Regionalism should stay at the forefront of our discussions.  We must look at the big picture if we are to progress - there will be many different players and various ways of getting the desired results.  Site-ready land is important!  Everyone has to be open-minded as we head in this direction and be willing to share in the responsibilities.
  21. The county has raised property taxes in four of the past five budgets.  How do you propose breaking that pattern without making cuts in essential services?  Encourage more corporate investment to broaden the revenue base, look at alternative revenues and continue to scrutinize within county government.  Our personal property owners are bearing the heavy load now as opposed to years past when we had a large manufacturing base.
  22. For a number of years now, the board has earned a reputation for being sharply divided, often along party lines.  Has that improved?  Is there a need for more unity among the commissioners?  Is that the chairperson's role or a responsibility all commissioners should assume?  This Board has eleven (11) different personalities/voices and differences of opinion is to be expected.  My concern is the sometimes lack of civility and respect which detracts from the important work of the Commission.  The Chair sets the pace but each commissioner is responsible for his/her decorum.
  23. What living Triad resident do you respect/admire most?  Why?  Mrs. SHIRLEY FRYE.  I have followed her public service for many years, and corporate assignments, and have always admired how she moves from one community responsibility to another with such ease.  She does so much important work behind the scenes and her influence is felt across the total community.
  24. What vote or decision as a commissioner would you change in retrospect?  What led you to change your mind?  I did change on vote - on the Northeast Park as an objection to the cost on a phase; however, when realizing that the question had failed and that construction would be delayed maybe into another season and maybe cost even more, and at the request of fellow Commissioner Perkins, I changed and the motion carried.  I can't remember ever changing another vote.
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